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VertoFX Ltd (No. 10973066) designs and operates the VertoFX website and app and is a trading name of VertoFX Ltd (No. 08438234). VertoFX is a PSD agent (Ref No: 830840) of Arbitrage Capital Limited which is an Authorized Payment Institution regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA License No: 789606) for the provision of payment services. 

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FX & International payments marketplace for businesses

VERTO is a B2B currency exchange marketplace for international businesses.  We handle millions of dollars every year and make payments to suppliers abroad

Up to 9x cheaper than banks

A complete FX and payment marketplace built for business

VERTO provides liquidity and price discovery tools for international businesses. The marketplace provides easy access to exotic and foreign currencies with seamless international online payment services.

Cheaper FX Rates
Exotic Currencies
Faster settlement times

Businesses are different. Verto Solutions are too.

Whether you are looking to pay suppliers abroad, collect payments from customers, or simply make FX transactions, do it with a global platform that supports your growth.

Access to Exotic Currencies
Extensive liquidity in exotic currencies opens up previously underserved trade markets.
Transparent and Consistent
Access to banking and payment partnerships create new opportunities for businesses that aspire to trade globally.
Save Money
Access to inter-bank exchange rates and zero transaction fees improve competitiveness.
Safe and Secure
Client segregated funds and escrow accounts protect against counterparties risks.
Faster Settlement
Faster processing and local settlement accounts ensure quick delivery of payments.
Stay in Control
Fixed forward rates and the ability to negotiate with other businesses minimise FX exposure. 

The platform provides the best value to businesses

Favourable rates to choose from

Businesses can change currencies in two ways

  • Choose market rate - cheap access to mid-market FX rates.

  • Choose own rate - swap currencies at a price determined by the business.

An easy to use online marketplace 

Businesses can place bids on offers displayed on the marketplace:

  • They can create an offer based on the rates and volumes displayed or

  • Propose new rates and volumes based on their business needs.

Either way, you are guaranteed a much better exchange rate than the competition, including your bank

Businesses are in control

The built-in messaging tool allows businesses to negotiate with others:


  • They can negotiate on rates and volumes with multiple businesses at the same time.

  • They can accept or decline a bid, therefore, in control at all times.

International payments made easy

 Global payments networks built for businesses to make high volume transactions payments at scale.

  • Both parties are required to transfer the exact funds to Verto’s escrow for settlements once an offer has been accepted.

  • Once VERTO receives the exact funds from both parties, the exchange can be executed 


FX and payments solutions for globally focused businesses

Access to liquid & exotic currencies

Mid-market marketplace rates

24 hour fixed rate post-agreement*

Online chatting tool to negotiate

International payments

Short settlement periods

Large transaction volumes capability

Zero / Low transaction fees*

Payment delivery to suppliers/banks

Foreign currencies accounts

Collect payments in foreign currencies

Exchange back to local currency

Cheap & transparent pricing

Trusted by top business brands

Join other businesses today and start saving on all your FX and International Payments.

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