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Education Institutions

First-class receivables and payments solutions

Pay lecturers, teachers and local partners swiftly and efficiently with cross-border payment solutions designed for educational institutions.

Verto's trusted by education institutions to manage their international payments across incoming, outgoing and outbound student funds and currency risk management.

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Powering global learning through cross-border payments

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Seamlessly collect tuition globally

Move to a smooth, global financial infrastructure with our intelligent payments network and overcome challenges collecting tuition payments. Our global account allows you to receive payments in up to 25 currencies seamlessly.

Paying tuition fees can be stressful and costly for international students. Empower your students to pay fees quickly in the currency of their choice to help reduce surprise costs.

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Pay educators globally at lower cost

The globalisation of education means institutions are becoming increasingly vulnerable to currency exchange risk as they attract and collect tuition from students in multiple currencies.

Help protect your cash flow and reduce costs by accessing the bank-beating currency exchange rates that protect your institutions from exchange rate fluctuations.

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Reduce payment queries

Accounts payable personnel devote numerous hours to locating misplaced funds, processing payments, and responding to student concerns.

Free up resources and reduce payment queries by using a powerful payment platform that helps you easily reconcile payments with student accounts, accelerates the refund process, and track the status of payments online.

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Save time with payment automation

Exchange rates and fees cause unexpected expenditures when making payments to educators and partners in other countries or purchasing equipment abroad.

Our cross-border payment API can assist your organisation to streamline your payment operations by integrating into your existing payment systems to make your payment operations as efficient as they are cost-saving.

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Get paid like a local. Collect payments from anywhere instantly.

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Exchange 49 global currencies at market-beating rates.

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Pay out locally and globally to grow both customers and revenue.

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Take control of your finances with global treasury management.

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Upgrade global payments with automation and seamless integration.

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Cross borders with seamless payments

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