About Verto

Verto is a global financial technology firm that enables businesses of all sizes to access enterprise grade cross-border payments, FX and banking solutions via our advanced platform or API. Businesses can accept payments and send payouts globally in one single platform. Verto seamlessly connects any business, anywhere.

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Our advanced platform helps businesses across the world take care of their finances. Introducing enhanced cross-border payments.

Verto has served thousands of businesses globally since the launch of our MVP in October 2018. Each year we process billions of dollars of payments and provide companies with solutions – like payments, foreign exchange, and multi-currency accounts - while helping them save money and grow with the hassle.
Through one easy-to-use platform, we automate and simplify your payments and provide access to FX at competitive rates, including the less accessible currencies. We ensure you get paid by your customers, all while providing specialist services and round the clock support. Your business will get the necessary tools to safely transact, trade, and expand into new markets.
About - Our Story - Illustration
Most tales involving poker games involve someone walking away as either a big winner or loser, it’s not often we hear that a game led to the creation of an innovative and ever-growing company!

This is exactly how Verto came to be.

In 2017, Ola found an opportunity where he could help individuals within the UK, especially residents with families back in Nigeria send money home by setting up an online remittance company. At the same time, Anthony was launching a prop-tech company and starting his MBA. Coincidentally both decided to quit their respective jobs and continue with their new ventures. It was around then, over a regular game of poker, that Ola mentioned all the issues he’d seen with paying suppliers abroad, especially in the emerging markets.

We're driven by our values

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Champion the mission

We are driven by curiosity and belief to solve cross-border payments pain points globally.

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Be the best

We are open, take appropriate risks, adopt a results-driven approach, and are the best at what we do.

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Run with it

We are determined, seek challenges, take ownership of tasks, act fast and deliver results.

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Go the extra mile

We deliver beyond what is possible. We make impossible possible.

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Customer first

We are creative in solving existing problems and bold in designing a new and better experience for customers.

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We work as one

We value transparency, we share information, mistakes and successes.

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We are diverse team champions working together as one to solve cross-border payment pain points globally.

100+ Employees

20+ Countries

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