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Is you business impacted by the Travelex cyber-attack?

Updated: Jan 9

Try VertoFX today to meet you immediate FX and international payment needs

Businesses need constant access to FX markets. The ability to transact in liquid and, in some cases, illiquid currencies is a common requirement. More fundamentally, businesses must be able to transact payments across borders to pay for its operations. Losing access to FX markets or failing to make payments on time is an unwelcome outcome for any organisation, regardless of size.

The prolonged and rather troubling outage of Travelex highlights the importance of choosing a secure supplier. For a business to lose access to their FX accounts, fail to make onward payments, and have settlements pending for over a week is an unacceptable situation.

VertoFX prides itself on its secure, robust platform and is steadfast in its dedication to clients. We won’t expose you to the risks associated with a failure to access our systems or the core products which your business needs: FX and international payments.

Why not give us a try today, we are here to help.

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