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7 common mistakes Amazon sellers make and must avoid at all costs

*Tip number 5 will shock you the most!

First published on Medium.

The best mistakes are the ones you can avoid making. In line with that, we took a look at the 7 common mistakes sellers make on Amazon, and how to avoid them.

Amazon seller mistake #1 - Failure to Gather Customer Feedback

Amazon provides checks and balances to ensure adequate feedback on their website. This allows buyers to feel confident about the quality of the products. Having more feedback is good as long as the quality is maintained.

Regardless of what stage you are in your journey, getting feedback from customers should continue to be one of your main focuses as an Amazon seller. This is paramount, even for established sellers. There are several cost-effective ways to collect and automate the feedback process. Some example tools include BQool and Feedback express.

Tip: Always check feedback and respond back to their comments where appropriate.

Amazon seller mistake #2 -  High cost of delivery fees

Customers typically run away from high shipping fees no matter the quality of the product. Even if you are selling a premium product, ensuring your shipping fees are reasonable will most certainly deliver a positive turn around in sales.

Amazon seller mistake #3 - Asking or paying for customer reviews

Potential customers often make decisions based on the feedback sellers receive. This applies to their emotional side. In a bid to increase their reviews, amazon sellers enlist their friends and family to leave reviews on their products. There is nothing wrong with this, but ensure the feedback left is authentic, genuine and relates to the experience of using the products. Customers can see through most comments and sometimes can tell if the reviews are influenced.

Tip: You can opt in for the Amazon Early Reviewer Program which encourages customers who have already purchased a product to share their authentic experience. Customers also receive a small reward from Amazon for their reviews( £1-£5 Amazon gift card).

This feedback can also be used to introduce further improvements for your business.

Amazon seller mistake #4 - Choosing the Wrong Seller Account Type

Knowing and choosing the type of account you want to set up to sell your products is key. Be sure to research and choose the type of seller account that’s best for your online store.

Amazon seller mistake #5 - using PayPal or the bank to pay overseas suppliers

PayPal charges  2.5% above the market rate to convert out of GBP. Also, if you need to convert out of your non-local currency, the price is usually between  3.75% and 4% above the market rate.

To put things into perspective, if you’re converting five thousand pounds into dollars, for example, and the live rate is $1.30, PayPal would generally give you a price of $1.2750.

The difference between the live rate and PayPal’s rate is $125! Crazy right? There’s more.

PayPal will charge you 2.9% of the transaction total and a fixed fee for using their checkout services.

All in all, every time you pay a supplier overseas using PayPal or your bank, you could be paying massive fees that are unnecessary. If you want to save money on your supplier payments, it’s essential to use a currency payment provider.

Here’s a live comparison we did, which shows the difference in price between VertoFX and PayPal.

Amazon seller mistake #6 - Failure to fulfill orders on time

Amazon customers love it when their orders are delivered swiftly. Generally speaking, they give preference to products that are delivered within 1-2 working days, in comparison to the items that have a more substantial shipping time.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors on Amazon, having a fast shipping option is one of the best possible ways to do so. However, be sure that you can keep your word and deliver it on time; otherwise, customers may end up leaving you negative reviews which may significantly impact your visibility and sales on Amazon.

Tip: You can also choose FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)  to fulfill your orders as they are known to be prompt, efficient, and quick.

#Amazon seller mistake #7 - Direct copy and pasting

You don't need to copy and paste from other amazon profiles. Create a profile that is unique to your product and different from the rest.

Remember selling on Amazon is not as difficult as it seems. Constantly review Amazon’s best practices, audit and test to refine your seller account.