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Hold global currencies with treasury management

Protect your funds and lock in exchange rates for better control with Verto.

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Easily hold and control funds in one platform

Take back the power and easily manage your finances with Verto’s integrated and intelligent platform. Hold global currencies and get full visibility of your cross-border financial operations, with no surprise costs.

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Lock in exchange rates with wallets

Create a Verto wallet in seconds via our platform and your business can hold 49 global currencies. Easily manage your FX exposure and protect your business from exchange rate movements.

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Greater security, without the hassle

Use Verto to manage your payments and exchanges in one integrated platform, tailored for you. Get smoother transactions with no hidden fees, and all sensitive information is protected via our platform.

Better business with global accounts

You can create a Verto Multi-Currency Wallet in seconds for instant payments to your suppliers and partners.

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Hold 49 global currencies in one single account, ready for Payins, Payouts and Exchange.

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Access real-time data with a seamless user experience with 24/7 online access.

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Tailor the platform to suit the needs of your business and automate with our API

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Full control

From Wallet-to-Wallet and illiquid currency exchange, you’ll have end-to-end control for your payments

Manage your beneficiaries with API

Ready to send the funds? For faster, automated Payouts with greater control, take advantage of Verto API.

We deliver a smooth and integrated API that’s designed to supercharge business growth. It’s customisable with automated capabilities and trusted by fast-growing global businesses.

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For greater control over your global finances, explore our range of Hold products.

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