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Get paid globally.

Open multi-currency accounts for your business in minutes. Collect payments in up to 25 currencies instantly from anywhere in the world.

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One account. Global reach.

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US Dollar
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Accelerate your business growth with Verto

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Save time and money

Save time and money opening and managing multiple accounts across the globe.

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Seamless collections

Collect payments in up to 25 currencies all with one account, one IBAN, and in your business name.

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Bank-beating rates

Reduce the FX cost of repatriating revenues from international sales with our bank-beating FX rates.

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Reduced costs

Eliminate the unnecessary conversion and payment processing fees. Reduce payment processing costs by 85%.

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Increase sales

Build trust and increase sales by offering local currency payment options to your customers.

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Marketplace integration

Integrate with global online marketplaces - Get paid by marketplaces, aggregators, and OTAs seamlessly.

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