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At Verto, our primary aim is to help clients streamline their business payments, making them both fast and affordable. Being an award-winning platform, Verto offers PKR FX rates that are up to 9x cheaper. Optimise with Verto!


1 USD = 265.6821 PKR Last updated September 24, 2023 at 4:49:23 PM GMT+0

We use midmarket rates

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Cross Border Business Payments in the PKR Have Never Been Simpler

As a currency exchange and payments platform, Verto offers an API-backed and highly intuitive and interactive dashboard and smartphone app, allowing clients to monitor PKR FX rates in real time from anywhere in the world. With Verto, you can trade in multiple international currencies no matter where you are. We help you build better relationships with your clients, suppliers, vendors, and business partners by giving you an opportunity to reduce your operational expenditure and drive economies of scale.

Pakistani Rupee Exchange Rate Today

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PKR To USD0.0032
PKR To EUR0.0030
PKR To GBP0.0026
PKR To JPY0.4776
PKR To AUD0.0050
PKR To CAD0.0043
PKR To CNY0.0235

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Verto Offers More Than 50 Currencies To Trade With

Verto partners with credible and renowned financial companies and banking systems throughout the world. This gives us the opportunity to offer clients and companies the chance to trade with more than 50 local and international currencies. Our network and resources also allow us to provide low and affordable PKR FX rates!

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Kenyan Shilling
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Nigerian Naira
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Ethiopian Birr
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Tunisian Dinar
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Central African CFA Franc
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Ugandan Shilling
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Moroccan Dirham
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Tanzanian Shilling
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West African CFA Franc
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South African Rand
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Egyptian Pound
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Ghanaian Cedi