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If you’re looking to streamline your business payments and save money doing so, it doesn’t get any better than Verto. We are an award-winning foreign exchange service and online payments platform that you can use to send cross border payments to more than 200 countries.


1 USD = 4.6376 MYR Last updated September 24, 2023 at 4:18:35 PM GMT+0

We use midmarket rates

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Faster and more Affordable MYR Conversions at Verto

At Verto, our main aim is to make it easier and more stress-free for businesses to send cross border payments anywhere in the world. That is why we are amongst a handful of foreign exchange platforms that offer MYR FX rates that are up to 9x cheaper. You won’t find rates like our anywhere else. As an award-winning company, we offer businesses an API-backed and intuitive interface and app to stay on top of your finances from anywhere across the globe.

Malaysian Ringgit Exchange Rate Today

Use Inverse Rate

Currency Pair


MYR To USD0.2107
MYR To EUR0.1974
MYR To GBP0.1722
MYR To JPY31.2427
MYR To AUD0.3271
MYR To CAD0.2843
MYR To CNY1.5375

Send Business Payments To and From Malaysia.

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Access to More Than 50 International Currencies with Verto

If you’re looking to expand your global business reach, it doesn’t get any better than Verto. With vast resources and strategic business partnerships, we have the network and the expertise to provide businesses with more than 50 currencies they can trade with, using a single Verto multi currency account. 

Currency Kenyan Shilling Icon
Kenyan Shilling
Currency Nigerian Naira Icon
Nigerian Naira
Currency Ethiopian Birr Flag
Ethiopian Birr
Currency Tunisian Dinar Flag
Tunisian Dinar
Currency Central African CFA Franc Icon
Central African CFA Franc
Currency Ugandan Shilling Icon
Ugandan Shilling
Currency Moroccan Dirham Icon
Moroccan Dirham
Currency Tanzanian Shilling Icon
Tanzanian Shilling
Currency West African CFA Franc Icon
West African CFA Franc
Currency South African Rand Icon
South African Rand
Currency Egyptian Pound Icon
Egyptian Pound
Currency Ghanaian Cedi Icon
Ghanaian Cedi

Make Effortless Cross Border Payments at Bank-Beating Exchange Rates.

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