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When it comes to making business payments to clients and vendors both local and international, nothing is more important than getting affordable FX rates. As an award-winning platform, Verto offers bank-beating exchange rates, helping businesses send payments in more than 200 countries.

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1 USD = 3,642.8154 UGX Last updated September 23, 2023 at 11:06:03 AM GMT+0

We use midmarket rates

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Easily Convert UGX to Any Currency and Vice Versa

At Verto, we strive to provide both big and small businesses the opportunity to seamlessly access the best UGX exchange rates using Verto’s user-friendly and highly intuitive dashboard. Our multicurrency account comes with numerous cutting-edge features with API-backed software. With Verto, sending money overseas has never been easier. In addition, you can select from more than 50 currencies to streamline your trading activities.

Uganda Shilling exchange rate today

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Our Rates

UGX To USD0.0003
UGX To EUR0.0002
UGX To GBP0.0002
UGX To JPY0.0386
UGX To AUD0.0004
UGX To CAD0.0004
UGX To CNY0.0019

Send and Receive Money To and From Uganda.

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Verto Offers More Than 50 Currencies to Trade With

At Verto, we collaborate with renowned banks and other top-rated financial companies. Our network and solid business partnerships allow us to provide companies with a dearth of local and international currencies that you can trade with. In addition, with our multicurrency account, you can easily manage more than one currency to make cross border payments. 

Currency Kenyan Shilling Icon
Kenyan Shilling
Currency Nigerian Naira Icon
Nigerian Naira
Currency Ethiopian Birr Flag
Ethiopian Birr
Currency Tunisian Dinar Flag
Tunisian Dinar
Currency Central African CFA Franc Icon
Central African CFA Franc
Currency Ugandan Shilling Icon
Ugandan Shilling
Currency Moroccan Dirham Icon
Moroccan Dirham
Currency Tanzanian Shilling Icon
Tanzanian Shilling
Currency West African CFA Franc Icon
West African CFA Franc
Currency South African Rand Icon
South African Rand
Currency Egyptian Pound Icon
Egyptian Pound
Currency Ghanaian Cedi Icon
Ghanaian Cedi

Unparalleled Currency Exchange Rates for Fast and Affordable Business Payments

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