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Understanding webhooks and how they can support your global business payments

By Sophie Proctor, March 7, 2023 · 12 mins read

If you’re running a global business and receive money from overseas, getting greater visibility over your incomings and outgoings is crucial. But what if you didn’t need to request updates, and they were just sent to you automatically? Welcome to webhooks as part of the Verto API. 

Webhooks are essentially notifications. To get technical, webhooks are user defined HTTP callbacks that are linked to web applications and are triggered by list of specified events. Once the event is triggered, it syncs the data and sends a real-time notification. As it’s part of our Verto API, this means, with the proper set up, it’s automated so the legwork is done for you. 

Webhooks in the real world

Let’s say you’re an e-commerce business operating in Cape Town, and you sell shoes across the world. This involves a daily cycle of sending and receiving payments as well as exchanging money so you can pay and receive in local currencies. You accept foreign payments, you need to send funds locally, and you need to convert quickly. Our Verto API will send webhooks – notifications – if certain events are triggered. 

These include:

  • When a payment is completed

  • When an outward FX order is completed

  • When a payment is refunded

  • When you receive a payment into your wallet

  • When a beneficiary gets approved or rejected 

These are all essential updates to making sure your business runs smoothly, and any problems are addressed promptly. Our software is communicating better with itself, so in turn, we can communicate better with you so you’re always aware of any updates to your payment journey. You need to know that you have successfully paid your supplier, or that your newest shoe range has been purchased by customers in Canada, or that your euros have been converted to rand. It keeps you in the know.

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What are the benefits of webhooks? 

Webhooks have several benefits to businesses who operate internationally. Firstly, it generates real-time communication of your payment status, so you get the latest news of your payment, even without asking for it. This means you can act accordingly, whether it’s just peace of mind your payment has been received or responding to a FX order dispute to get the rate you want. It’s all generated for you.  

These notifications will come straight into your platform, so you’ll be notified if there are any changes to your FX, payments, and even your beneficiaries. You can let business partners know their invoices have been paid, or customers that their payment has been safely received. Get greater control and visibility of your global payments at your fingertips with Verto webhooks.

So stay updated with your transactions and FX orders with real-time notifications from our webhooks. Never miss an update and keep your business running smoothly.

For any questions regarding webhooks, read our developer documentation or speak to our support team at

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