Klasha API Case Study
Case Study

Klasha API Case Study

By Verto, February 16, 2023 · 5 minutes

About Klasha

Klasha is a technology company that builds cross-border commerce solutions for African consumers and international businesses wanting to sell into Africa. Their mission is to make consumer goods and services online more accessible to customers across Africa.

The Challenge

Klasha processed millions in customer payments for global e-commerce stores. They enable customers from anywhere across Africa to purchase items and pay in their local currency. Klasha required an automated and scalable way to convert the local currencies paid by customers to foreign currencies accepted by their global e-commerce merchants.

How Verto Helped

Verto is helping Klasha convert its local currency received from customers to the preferred currency of choice of its international online sellers. Through our programmatic FX conversion for emerging market currencies, Verto was able to offer a solution that included automated conversion, automated quote generation for buyers on Klasha in their local currency and international payouts.

The Outcome

Klasha's can now delight its customers with price transparency and fast settlement for their global portfolio of online merchants.

Klasha is continuing to expand its business globally with automated payment solutions that have created a simplified and convenient experience for its customers whilst saving on FX and payment-related costs

Products Used

  • Verto API

  • International Payouts

  • Spot FX

  • Global Account

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