Product Update

How can improved query handling help your global business streamline financial operations?

By Sophie Proctor, March 2, 2023 · 6 mins read

As businesses expand into new markets and their customer base grows, which bring with it a set of challenges surrounding disputes, queries, and regulatory questions. Companies want to improve their customer loyalty and retention and ensure that nothing harms their ability to comply as they enter new markets. Therefore, an efficient case management system becomes essential to global business best practices. It allows for communication about the status, offering feedback, and dispute updates. This system needs to have a set of components that positively impact your business’ financial operations. 

The greater resolution, improved satisfaction 

Adopting an improved query handling system allows for any disputes and queries to be handled swiftly as well as receiving instant feedback without the long and tiresome phone calls. You’ll be able to speak to business partners, suppliers, and customers about the matter at hand with confidence as you’ll know their cases are being taken care of, overall building their trust and improving your reputation. Not only that, but it will minimise delays and improve your business’ cash flow, so you can concentrate on growing your business, hassle-free. Spend less valuable time and resources on single cases, and use a case management system to make the process simpler and customers happier.

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Improved collaboration

An enhanced query handling tool improves communication between your business and your customers, giving your team more time to focus on strategic decisions that will add value to your business. We can provide a direct line of communication between the bank and your business so you get real-time updates and instant notifications. All without being stuck on the phone for hours. With an improved workflow when handling disputes and queries, your business processes improve and issues are ironed out, allowing for an ever-learning, and ever-improving, global business operation. 

Keeping compliant

Global businesses must stay out of trouble by keeping compliant and aware of varying regulations; otherwise, they risk penalties and fines. An effective query handling tool does as such by communicating with regulators and banks behind the scenes, so it’s less of a worry for businesses. Our customer support solution keeps you in line with regulations and laws as compliance remains a top priority, while our secure platform protects against fraudulent activities and data security breaches. 

Get the competitive edge, and let us help your business grow into new markets without the headache of long phone calls or delayed responses to disputes and queries. Keep your team happy, and your customers satisfied with our new support tool.

Some features of Verto’s support tool:

  • Create a service request for chargebacks, refunds or profile change.

  • Reopen a closed case if you want to escalate or the issue is unresolved

  • Upload files and document to support your service request

  • Get in-app notifications on all new replies and updates on your request

Our new customer support solution will be live on our Verto platform from March 6th. Simply Chat with Frank, our new employee at Verto who’s on hand to support you.

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