Case Study

Cowrywise API Case Study

By Verto, March 8, 2023 · 5 minutes

About Cowrywise

Cowrywise is a wealth management platform that builds products to help African individuals and businesses easily access investment services, ensuring they make the most out of their money. They needed a partner who could offer multi-currency exchange at a low cost.


Cowrywise gives their customers access to savings and investment products and cross-border payments are an integral part of their business. With a rapidly growing customer base, they needed a solution to facilitate foreign currency exchange, direct payout to international brokers, and the ability to scale this with automation.


Verto provided a fast and seamless API and Payment integration for Cowrywise. Our API minimised costs and operational overheads, with direct payout to international brokers. Investment management could be digitised for African customers and give them greater access to necessary financial tools.


With Verto’s API, Cowrywise can collect, hold and convert funds in multiple currencies at bank-beating FX rates, quote outside of market hours, and get fast settlement. They now have automated cross-border payments, greater market expansion, and bring new global products to their customers.


“As a company looking to help individuals gain easy access to savings and investment products, ease of payment plays a key role in the work we do and our aim is to ensure our customers receive the best experience. Working with Verto has provided this ease and accessibility in respect of our foreign currency denominated assets. With the Verto API integration, that process is now automated and even more seamless. We also wanted to provide an option for our customers to receive the best possible value on their transactions; we are excited about the possibilities of achieving this with Verto’s Payout service.“ 

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Products Used

  • Verto API

  • International Payouts

  • Spot FX

  • Global Account

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