Aifluence Case Study
Case Study

Alfluence API Case Study

By Verto, February 16, 2023 · 5 minutes

About AIfluence

AIfluence is building Africa’s first AI-powered influencer marketing platform. They offer an end-to-end solution to optimise and scale global influencer marketing strategies. AIfluence's advanced algorithms power influencer discovery and evaluation, campaign management, and performance measurement for both organic and paid influencer marketing campaigns

The Challenge

AIfluence needed a cross-border payments partner with broad coverage across developed and emerging market currencies as well as having payout capabilities. This would enable their global ambition of partnering and paying influencers anywhere in the world

How Verto Helped

Using Verto’s FX and Payout API, at the click of a button, AIfluence is able to make payments to influencers in over 190 countries.

No matter what country the campaigns take place in or where influencers are located, AIfluence is there with an influencer partner to bring that campaign to life and Verto powers fast and efficient payouts for their services.

 The Outcome

AIfluence is expanding globally with cross-border payment API solutions designed to power their growth, and create a simplified experience for their partners whilst saving on FX and payment-related costs.

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Products Used

  • Verto API

  • International Payouts

  • Spot FX

  • Global Account

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