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VertoFX Ltd (No. 10973066) designs and operates the VertoFX website and app and is a trading name of VertoFX Ltd (No. 08438234). VertoFX is a PSD agent (Ref No: 830840) of Arbitrage Capital Limited which is an Authorized Payment Institution regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA License No: 789606) for the provision of payment services. 

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FX marketplace for a global economy
Do you experience any of these?

High transaction fees

Lack of Liquidity

Long settlement periods

How Verto works?

On Verto, you can buy and sell any currencies and make international payments with ease on the same platform. We have removed the unnecessary pain-points and financial roadblocks for ambitious businesses with a global outlook.

Foreign Exchange
The robust platform allows users to either create a new buy/sell order or bid on existing buy/sell orders
A new order can be created swiftly by either selecting:
Live market rate
Custom rate of your choice
Businesses can place bids on offers displayed on the marketplace
Either way you are guaranteed a much better exchange rate than the competition, including your bank.
Built-in messaging app
Negotiate with other businesses via the chat system to determine the price that best suits you
International Payments
Both parties are required to transfer the exact funds to Verto for settlements once an offer has been accepted.
Once Verto receives the exact funds from both parties, the exchange can be executed.
Once your money is swapped, you can send it to your recipient. We charge a minimal fees at this stage. Alternatively, you can credit your bank account. Either way, the money will be in the designated bank account in time.