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Exchange 25+ illiquid currencies, at your preferred rate

Connect with businesses and trade global currencies, with Verto Marketplace. Our platform, your rules.

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Marketplace: Sell Side

Empower your business to sell global currencies on your terms. You’ll decide the desired exchange rate and encounter no hidden fees. Our marketplace will match you with businesses who want to buy currencies at your rate, in your chosen timeframe.

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Convert/Marketplace - Features - Buy Side

Marketplace: Buy Side

Whether it’s paying an employee in Kenya or a supplier in South Africa, you’ll need an easy way to buy the right currency. Our Marketplace allows you to explore businesses across the world who are selling the currency you need. Either accept their preferred exchange rate, negotiate to a lower rate, or partially accept their offer.

Swiftly, safely and swapped, within 24 hours.

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Expand your trade into exotic currencies

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Grow your market

Expand your business’ global reach hassle-free and manage your FX exposure.

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Expand distribution

Reach top-tier institutional investors, banks, brokers, and dealers on a global scale, at the touch of a button.

Greater results and less risk

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Optimise returns

Easily deal with the right counterparty at a price chosen by you, saving you time and optimising returns.

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Improved efficiency

Greater operational efficiency with streamlined processing and transaction settlements.

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For greater control over your global finances, explore our range of Collect products.

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Safely trade FX OTC with vetted counterparties on a secure and stable trading platform.

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