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Power your business growth with competitive FX rates

Transform your international payments with over 50 currencies and no maximum transaction thresholds.

Whether you're a major enterprise or a small company, we're here to meet all your foreign exchange needs and minimize foreign currency risk.

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Convert currencies with confidence

Protect your profit and maximise your return with competitive currency conversion rates and flexible cross-border payment solutions.

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Global FX coverage

  • Convert over 50 currencies seamlessly
  • Easily access, convert and pay over 20 illiquid currencies
  • Reduced FX margin for large valued businesses
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Best price guaranteed

  • Convert at five times lower FX rates than high-street banks
  • Save even more when you trade large volumes
  • Make more informed decisions with 100% transparent pricing
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Fast Settlement

  • Gain competitive advantage with fast settlement
  • Reduce the risk of financial loss due to currency fluctuations or market changes

Pay less when you convert more with wholesale FX rates for enterprises and institutions

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No Robots

  • Get human interaction with our easily contactable team
  • Negotiate and confirm deals while watching the market
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Greater control

  • Greater visibility on the status of your trades
  • A secure environment for emerging market currencies
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Global reach

  • Exchange large volumes of liquid currencies
  • Easily buy and sell in 50 currencies across the globe

Convert currencies with our API

Verto’s API delivers faster and automated exchanges through a reliable and real-time FX infrastructure. Protect yourself against currency fluctuations with rate freezes and schedule FX transactions should market volatility incur.

  • Sample code and examples

  • Test environment

  • CLI for development and testing

  • Metadata support

        const verto = require('verto');const payload = {    amount: 1000,    side: 'SELL',    vfx_token: 'hVmYq3t6w9y$B&E)'};await verto.convert(payload);
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$ node app.js && verto listen> Ready! Waiting for requests...2024-2-28 12:28:49200order.initiated2024-2-28 12:28:49200order.placed2024-2-28 12:28:49200receipt.generated

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